Add a choice/poll

The choice activity allows you to gain feedback from your students for a simple question. For example you may wish to poll students as to which destination they'd prefer for a field trip, if they understood the last lecture, or if they felt that a given resource was useful. Choice activities can have limits on the number of students who can select a particular options, which makes them ideal for project or tutorial group allocation.

To set up a choice activity for a student poll

In this example we are going to set up a poll at the end of a topic to get feedback as to how students feel about their progress.

  1. From the topic you want to add the poll to, click the Activity drop-down list and choose Choice.

    Choice Poll Activity Choice

    Add an activity drop down Pop-up Activity chooser
  2. In the Choice name field, enter the title of the poll.
  3. In the Description field, enter the instructions for the poll as shown below:
    Choice general settings

    Note: If you were setting up the choice activity as a sign-up sheet where you wanted to limit the number of people who could sign up to any one option then you would need to enable the limit and specify a limit for each option.

  4. For a normal poll you would leave the Limit set as No. If you want students to have the ability to select more than one answer, change Allow more than one choice to be selected to Yes

    Choice settings options

  5. In the Choice fields, enter the possible poll options, continue adding options until you have all the choices that you require. Moodle will only display those choices which have been entered. Click Add 3 fields to form if you require more options.

    Choice options
  6. Under Availability area you can set the time period for which the poll is available. Preview allows you to show the possible choices students can choose from before the date they are are able to make a choice is reached.

    choice availability
  7. In the Publish results field you can set whether you want students to see results before they have submitted their response, afterwards or not at all. Note that students will only see the total number of votes per option and will not see how other students have voted individually.

    Display Results
  8. Click Save and display to view your poll.

    choice example

Selecting/Deleting a choice for a student

In a choice activity you have the ability to make a choice for a student on their behalf.

  1. To do this you must go to the choice activity and click on view responses  as shown in the screenshot below.

  2. Next you must select the student or students you wish to assign to a choice option by clicking on the checkbox.
  3. Then select the choice option from the With selected drop down box.
  4. The student will then be moved into the column you have specified.
  5. To delete the students choice select the students name from the list and click in the With selected box and choose Delete.