Accessing assignment submissions feedback and marking

The Assignment activity in Moodle allows for the collection of electronically submitted documents. Once students upload their files, the person grading the material can access the submitted files, annotate online and/or download the submitted file as well as provide feedback. Feedback can take the form of uploaded files as well as simple text comments. A grade can also be applied if required.

Accessing Submissions

In order to access student submissions, you need to enter the assignments submission area. You can download all the submissions as one convenient zip file from the assignment Administration block. All files will be proceeded by the student name and the archive name contains the assignment title and completion date for easy identification.

  1. Click on the Assignment in your Moodle course.
  2. Click Download all submissions in the Activity Cog/Gear menu.

    Assignment administration block

    Note: If you want to have your submissions downloaded into individual folders for each assignment or all into the same folder use the setting Download submissions in folders.

  3. Double click the downloaded .zip file to view the assignment files.


Grading Submissions Online

Whilst you might not be using the Moodle grade book, Moodle has the ability to return electronically marked documents and provide feedback to students. By using the grading area of an assignment you can conveniently upload files for students and provide feedback and grades as required.

Note: The ability to provide feedback and files is controlled by the settings for each individual assignment.

  1. Click on the Assignment name in your course area.
  2. Click View all submissions.

    View and grade submissions link
  3. Find the student you wish to grade, click the Grade menu item in the Edit menu located to the right of their name.

    Assignment grade student
  4. Tip: You should also click Prevent submission changes if you have not enabled a submit button. Not doing so may allow the student to change the submission after you have commenced marking.

  5. The grading window contains a PDF version within the PDF Annotator tool of the submitted document (where possible) on the left, and the grading items on the right. Use the editing tools on the document to highlight, annotate and comment on the student's work.
  6. Fill in the grade and add any additional comments in the areas provided on the right.

  7. Grade box

    Note: Feedback comments must be enabled in the assignment settings (Default).

  8. Drag and drop response files where applicable. For adding feedback files from mobile devices, click the Add... link as pictured below.

    Feedback files
  9. Note: Feedback files must be enabled in the assignment settings. (Default)

  10. Click Save changes to finish grading, click Save and show next to continue to next student.

Bulk Grading Submissions

To support quicker grading and offline grading, Moodle incorporates the ability to download and upload all assignment files as well as an offline grading spreadsheet. The offline grading worksheet can be re uploaded multiple times and supports adding new marks and update existing marks in the grade book. Feedback comments are also supported in the offline marking spreadsheet.

  1. Click on the Assignment link you want to download assignment files from.
    Assignment 1 Submission
  2. Click on View/grade all submissions located in the middle of the page, or in the Activity Cog/Gear menu.
  3. View Grade All Submissions

  4. Click on Grading action at the top of the screen, and Download all submissions students have submitted.

    Assignment Grading Action

    Note: All files will be downloaded in a single zipfile. You must extract this file to edit/mark up the documents. Do not change the file-names. To upload the files, zip the required files and use the above menu to Upload multiple feedback files in a zip.

  5. Click on Grading action and Download the grading worksheet submitted.
  6. Assignment Download Grading Worksheet

    Note: You must check the Offline grading worksheet option from the Feedback section of the Assignment settings. Offline grading does not support Rubrics or Marking guides.

  7. Open the Worksheet in Excel. Enter student's grades in the Grade column, add feedback in the Feedback comments column. 

    Excel Worksheet Upload
  8. Note: Be careful not to change the structure of the offline marking worksheet as it will affect the grade book. We recommended that you just update cells and not add or remove cells.

  9. When you have updated the offline marking sheet, re upload it to Moodle to update the grade book by clicking on Grading action and selecting Upload grading worksheet.

  10. Drag the worksheet file to the dropbox.

  11. Select Allow updating records that have been modified more recently in Moodle than in the spreadsheet if you want to alter grades of students that have already been entered since the date the grading worksheet was downloaded.

    Allow Updating Records Check Box Small

  12. Click Upload grading worksheet.
  13. Upload Grading Worksheet Button

  14. Once uploaded you will be given a preview of the changes if you are happy with the changes click Confirm.