Kaltura Capture settings

Whilst the default settings for Kaltura Capture work for the majority of cases, you have some ability to change the defaults. You can make changes to items such as the default webcam and its resolution, the quality of desktop capture, where files are stored, and the microphone to use when recording.

1. Open the “Kaltura Capture Desktop Recorder” shortcut key.

Note: You must download Kaltura Capture and launch it from the browser for the 1st time.

2. Click on the Manage Button button of the“Kaltura Capture Desktop Recorder” Console.

Tip: Kaltura Capture should appear in the bottom right hand corner

  1. You can configure or change any microphone or webcam devices by using the drop down arrow next to either the microphone or webcam/screen icon. You can also adjust screen sharing options is you are sharing a screen with multiple screens.

    Adjust Screen sharing or Webcam option

    Adjust Microphone option

    2. You will be taken to the Library page:

    3. From the Library page click on settings button to go to the settings page.

    From the settings page you can:

  • Adjust Camera recording quality
  • Adjust Screen recording quality
  • Record system audio
  • Adjust Recording Name Prefix
  • View/Download the Logs Directory

Note: Increasing the recording quality for video or audio will also increase the size of the final file.