Recording using Personal Capture

Personal Capture can be used to record in various formats based upon your chosen settings in the application. It can be used to capture any combination of webcam video, audio, presentation or screen capture.

Opening Personal Capture

To open Personal Capture:

  1. Click the Start menu

  2. Go to All programs under the Kaltura Capture Folder and click Kaltura Capture.

    Note: You can also access Kaltura Capture via:
    Moodle -> My Media -> Add new -> Kaltura Capture which opens the application.


Once you have opened Personal Capture to Record the screen select the settings below relevant to what you want to capture .

  1. Make sure Audio is enabled under the audio button to capture audio. You will see a blue bar fluctuate to let you know it is picking up noise from your microphone.

    Audio On

    Audio Off
  2. To Capture Webcam you must have a in-built or external webcam connected and can be selected under the video or screen sharing menu. Presentation such as PowerPoints will be picked up automatically through the screen sharing function.

    Screen sharing / Webcam On

    Screen sharing / Webcam Off

    Note: You can have Webcam and screen sharing running simultaneously if both are available.
  3. When you are ready to begin recording click the Red button to begin recording.

  4. Once recording you have the option to Pause the recording if needed.

  5. Once finished click Stop Recording.

    Stop Recording
  6. You now have the ability to give a Title, Description and Tags to your recording.
  7. Choose to either:
    • Delete your Current recording
    • Save and Upload to your Computer  and My Media in Moodle
    • Save locally to your computer.

      Note: Please check your settings on the settings page to adjust audio or quality settings.