Recording audio only

If you need to teach material that contains little or no graphical content, you might consider recording audio only. Often referred to as podcasts, audio only material is light on bandwidth, is portable, and less distracting than video content. This means that students can listen to it almost anywhere.

1. Navigate to My Media via the drop down box in the top right corner of your page under your name. Click the Add New button, then click CaptureSpace.

Note: If you have not already installed CaptureSpace on your computer follow these steps.You may be asked by your browser if you would like to launch the CaptureSpace application.

2. CaptureSpace will launch a small window in the bottom right of your screen. You will see 5 tiles with different options.

3. Clicking the Voice tile will begin the recording. You will have 5 seconds after the recording window appears before the recording automatically starts.

4. Once you have completed your recording click the Done button.

5. A new window will now appear, allowing you to play back the recording and make some basic edits such as trimming the start and finish of the audio. If you are happy with the audio recording click the Done button.

6. You will now need to complete the Save options. Here you specify the title of the recording and, if you wish, a description. You can also add tags to make searching the Audio easier in the future.

Tip: Use your course code as a tag to assist searching your media catalogue in the future, remembering to keep it as short as possible.

7. With the Audio recording named, you can choose to Upload the file straight to Kaltura and your My Media list (recommended). Or, you can Save the audio file on your local machine in CaptureSpace's library.

Tip: It is recommended that you complete your edits, upload the file to Kaltura and delete the file from your computer to save space.