How to use a course video gallery

The Kaltura Moodle integration also includes a course media gallery. This gallery, accessible from the Navigation block, allows videos to be added and shared within the course. On top of providing a one stop for all course video, playlists can also be created to showcase the course video content. Note, this gallery is limited to this course instance only and is NOT copied when restoring or copying content to a new Moodle shell.

Viewing your course's Kaltura video gallery

  1. To view Media in the Course Video Gallery, navigate to the course.

  2. In the Course menu sidebar click on Course Media Gallery.

  3. If any media has already been added, you will be able to view this. To preview or open any Media click on the media thumbnail.

  4. Once open click on the Play button.

Adding Media to the Course Media Gallery

  1. To add media to the Course Media gallery, navigate to the Kaltura Media Gallery page via the Navigation block.

  2. Click the Add Media button.
  3. To add from your Media Gallery choose one of the videos listed below, click on the check box(es), left hand side, and click Publish.

  4. Alternatively, you can upload a new video for inclusion, click Add New

    You must observe any obligations to copyright law. Please refer to the link below.

Creating a playlist in your Media Gallery

The Kaltura Media Gallery supports the creation of playlists which can be used to automatically play a series of videos

  1. To create a playlist from your Course Media Gallery click on Actions and Select Edit.

  2. Select the Playlists Tab

  3. Click Create new and select Manual Playlist

  4. Give your Playlist a Title eg. Assessment Information video’s or Weekly Lectures.

  5. Give your playlist a Description about what the playlist is about. Add Tags to make it easier to search for.

  6. Click Add Media.

  7. Search through your videos in the media gallery and click Add next to those you wish to add. You can also click Remove to remove those that are no longer required.

  8. Click Save when done.

  9. You should now see your playlist and how many media files it contains under Entries.

Note: Once a Playlist is created, it becomes the default view when accessing the Kaltura Media Gallery.