How to add a Kaltura video quiz to Moodle

A Kaltura video quiz is a specially designed video which has the ability to include multiple choice questions at predetermined points within the video. Whilst results are not integrated with the Moodle grade book, questions can be utilised to further engage students and aid in reflection.

Creating a video quiz

  1. Click on my My Media under your name in the top right corner.

  2. Under the Add New menu click Video Quiz.

  3. Choose to add a pre-existing video from the list below by clicking Select or upload a new media by clicking on +Upload Media and uploading a file to Kaltura.

Adding a Quiz Question

  1. Select your time on the timeline using the play bar where you would like the quiz question added.

  2. Proceed to click on the multiple choice icon.

  3. Insert your question in the Add a Question Here box.

  4. Add additional distractors which will be incorrect using the button below.

  5. Use the Shuffle button in the top right hand corner if you want the questions to not be ordered.

  6. To provide a optional Hint or Why for users click on the light bulb icon in the top right hand corner.

  7. When you are happy with your question click the Save button.

  8. Repeat from step 1 to add additional quiz questions to your video.
  9. When you are happy you have added all the required quiz questions click Done.

Note: Click Delete to cancel and remove the current quiz and return to the timeline of your video.

Quiz Settings


  • Quiz Name Enter the name of the Quiz to be displayed
  • Show Welcome Page If checked then the message in the Welcome Message box will be displayed at the start of the quiz
  • Allow Download of Questions List allows questions to be downloaded before commencement of the quiz
  • Instructions if you would like to have instructions displayed on screen for the quiz as a guide.


  • Upon Submission choose whether you would like to display scores for the quiz when being taken selecting either the Do Not Show Scores or Show Scores option.
  • Include Answers choose whether you would like correct/incorrect answers displayed


  • Allow Answers Change would you like users to be able to change their answers before submitting.
  • Allow Skip allows users to skip the current question.
  • Do not Allow Skip Users are forces to select a answer before proceeding.

TIP: After creating your quiz, you may insert it anywhere in Moodle that supports Kaltura media items.