How Equella works

When learning content is contributed via the Moodle drag and drop functionality, and is contributed to Equella, it automatically picks up and stores descriptive information (metadata) about the item – this metadata includes the course code, name, teaching location and person who contributed the content.

The learning and teaching collection is available to all FedUni staff to search using the captured metadata and other metadata tags. Existing content can be re-used or further developed and enhanced – this means there is a significant opportunity for FedUni teaching staff to save time by re-using existing content, but also collaborate with peers on continuously enhancing their teaching materials over time.

In the medium-term Equella will provide a platform for Faculty administrators, Program and Course Coordinators to curate rich learning content sources from within FedUni, Open Education Resources and other web-based resources such as YouTube videos. Equella supports both the storage of original content and the curation and discovery of links to externally hosted resources.

Equella also provides a simple method of uploading and providing secure (gated, requiring login and authentication) access to video content. If you're currently producing video context via Camtasia you can export you video into a suitable sized (accessible to students) format and then directly drag and drop that video into your Moodle shell, which will store the content on Equella, and make the link to the content available to your students via Moodle.

Supporting video

Equella also supports the staged delivery of video content to students so they don't have to download the entire file to preview the content – this saves the student time and money by reducing data download fees. If you have large, unencoded video files please follow the guidelines and instructions on how to upload your video to Equella in an student friendly and accessible sized format.

Supporting eReserve

Equella no longer supports the Library eReserve digitisation service. Equella has been superseded by the eReadings+ service. Please refer enquiries for eReadings support to the Library.