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This guide will help you add an existing Equella resource to your Moodle course, using the activity/resource tool in Moodle.

1. Login to Moodle.

Moodle Login

2. Go to your Moodle course and turn editing on.

Moodle Edit

3. Locate the topic section in your course where you will click on Add an activity or resource, scroll down to EQUELLA Resource, check the radio button, and click Add.

Moodle Add Equella Resource

4. Type the name of your resource, course code or other identifying information in the search window and click on the Search icon. A list of potential resources will then be displayed for you to choose from.

Equella Search Select

5. After locating the resource, click on the Moodle topic (right hand window) in which to place the file link. The topic selected will turn yellow.

Equella Select Section

6. Then click on the arrow Up ArrowDown Arrow to expand the resource, then click the plus Plus Icon to add the resource to the Moodle topic section.

Equella Add to Section

7. Once the topic section indicates the resource has been allocated, Click Save.

Equella Save to Section

8. Click on the resource in Moodle to check that it works.

Moodle Check Resource