Adding resources through Moodle

The simplest way to contribute content to Equella is through Moodle's drag and drop functionality. By placing content in Equella, you provide the opportunity to quickly share the resource with other Moodle courses, and reduce the server load on Moodle providing for a better student experience. 

Please note, the maximum file size Moodle accepts is 100MB

  1. Log in to Moodle
  2. Navigate to your course and turn editing on.Turn editing on
  3. Locate the resource on your computer, then drag and drop it onto your Moodle screen.Drag and Drop
  4. Select where the file is to be stored. The default is Contribute to EQUELLA.Contribute to Equella
  5. Note: Both options, Contribute to Equella and Create file resource, will provide students with access to the resource through a Moodle link. As content in Equella can be shared with other Moodle courses, content of a confidential nature should not be placed in the standard Equella content repository and should be loaded using the Create file resource option.

  6. Click Upload
    Click upload
  7. By default, Moodle will use the file name of the resource. You may edit the resource name by clicking the penEdit and Check resource


  • Please name your resources with meaningful names before uploading. This not only allows students to quickly identify content, but makes searching for resources easier
  • Equella is for sharing with all FedUni teaching staff, so please no confidential information
  • If your file is larger than 100MB, you still may be able to contribute this to Equella directly. Follow the link below for information on how to do this.
  • For assistance with creating video and screen casting, please follow this link.

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