Add content via Equella

This guide will help you to add a file directly to Equella.

1. Login to Equella at

Equella Login

2. At your Equella Dashboard, click the Contribute link at left.

Equella Dashboard

3. Give your resource a meaningful title with optional description and keywords that will make it easier for you and others to find your resource in future. Choose whether your content should be publishable to Moodle. Choose a delivery sector then enter corresponding course information to help locate it in future, or if the resource is generic choose Unclassified as shown below. Finally click the Add a resource link.

Equella Contribute Screen

4. On the following screen, Upload a file is chosen by default. Click Next.

Equella Resource Type

5. On the next screen, click the Browse button to choose a file from your computer. Alternatively, click inside the large box below or drag a file into it as shown below.

Equella Upload File

6. When the file has finished uploading, click Next.

Equella Upload File 2

7. On the following screen, edit the Display name if your uploaded file does not currently have a meaningful file name. Then click Save.

Equella Upload Save

8. You will now be taken back to the Description screen showing your attachment. Click Save.

Equella Contribution Screen Save

9. In the following pop-up box, choose whether to Publish or Save draft. Usually you would choose to Publish at this point.

Equella Save Publish

10. You will see a message stating that your resource was successfully saved in the Resource Summary. Your contribution is now complete.

Equella Resource Summary