Update your profile

You should keep your profile information in Mahara current, as this can be used in multiple pages (including your profile page) later. Perhaps the most important feature of Mahara is that any information you enter or upload is completely private until you choose to make it available to others in pages you create and share.

Edit profile information

1. Click on the Content tab. This will take you to the Profile area where you can update your profile information (except your Student ID, first name and last name, which are locked).

Profile Info Screen

2. Click on the About me link and use the text editor to enter an Introduction and format it how you like. Enter more information in the Contact information, Messaging, and General areas or come back to them later. Remember to click the Save profile button at the bottom of the screen when you have finished.

Mahara Text Editor

You can come back and edit your profile information at any time, and it remains private until you choose to publish it on a page and then share the page. You can also upload profile pictures that can be displayed wherever you choose. Refer to the Mahara manual (new window) for more information.


The Resumé area is similar to your Profile area, and you can store all the information that may be useful to potential employers or others. Remember that all of this information remains private until you choose to put it in a page and share it. The advantage of storing this information in the central Resumé area is that later on you can pick and choose which aspects to display in an ePortfolio page rather than having to copy and paste text to various pages. It also means that when you update your resume, you don't have to update it in multiple places.

Some users prefer not to use the Resumé area, and simply upload a resumé/CV and cover letter Word or PDF files.