Share your page

This is where you decide who exactly can see your page, and when. By default your page is completely private, so you will need to tell Mahara who should be able to see it. In the example below "My first page" is shared with the public (anyone on the Internet who has a link to this page) with no time limit.

Edit Page Access

You can edit access to any of your pages by navigating to Portfolio > Shared by me.

1. Make sure the relevant page is selected for sharing from your list of pages. Click on the Search icon Search Icon to see a list of your pages or begin typing its name in the search box.

Page Search Box

2. Share with Public by choosing that option from the drop-down list.

WARNING: If you choose to set sharing to Public you will be exposing your information on the internet. This includes having your page indexed by Google and other search engines.

3. If you need to share your page only with particular users in the system (e.g. team members or a teacher) choose the drop-down option Share with Users. Then search for the user you wish to share with. Repeat this step for each individual you need to share with.

Share Page With Users

4. When you finish editing access to your page, click the Save button at the bottom of the screen. Individual users will receive a notification to say you have shared a page with them, with a link to the page.

5. If you need to submit your ePortfolio page or pages as part of a Moodle assessment, refer to your course instructions for how to do that in Moodle.

6. If you need to share your page confidentially with someone outside FedUni (who doesn't have an account at ePortfolios@FedUni) use the Secret URL method described below.

Secret URL

A secret URL (web link) can be used to share your page/s with people outside of FedUni. With this method, you don't need to share your page with the public for outsiders to gain access. A secret URL is practically impossible for a person or search engine to guess. To obtain a secret URL for your page:

1. Go to Portfolio > Shared by me and choose the Pages tab. You can edit access to any of your pages from this screen.

Shared By Me

2. Click the Secret URL icon to the right of the page you wish to share secretly.

3. Click the New secret URL button to create a new secret URL for this page.

Secret URL

4. A secret URL will be displayed. Copy this URL by clicking on the Copy icon Copy Icon and giving it to your external audience.

Inform your audience

Once you have created a page and set up sharing through one of the methods above, you may need to send the URL (web link) to your audience, by email for example. There are three general sharing scenarios:

1. If you have shared your page with the public, logged-in users or your institution (FedUni), you will need to get the required URL by opening your ePortfolio page in Portfolio > Pages. Click on the name of your page and it will be displayed in the browser. The URL that appears in the browser's URL bar is what you need to copy and send to any intended viewers. A typical URL looks like this:

Only the numbers at the end should be different.

2. If you have shared your page with individual users, friends, or a group, they will receive a notification from ePortfolios@FedUni that you have shared a page with them. The notification will contain the URL, but you can also get this URL using the method described above.

3. If you have used the Secret URL method, you can only get the URL by clicking on the Secret URL button as described above.