Edit settings and preferences

Dashboard page

Your Dashboard page is what you see when you first login to Mahara. Nobody else can see this page as you do, and you can configure most of it as you wish.

To edit your Dashboard page, browse to Portfolio > Pages. Your Dashboard page always appears at the top of your list of pages. Edit and save your Dashboard page as you would with any of your other pages. Note that different content blocks are available to the Dashboard page, compared with Profile page, standard pages and Group pages.

Settings and notifications

Settings Screen

You can change a number of account options that will affect your experience in Mahara. To change these settings, click the Settings link or icon Settings Icon at the top-right of your screen. This will take you to your Settings (General) page. Most of the options here are self-explanatory and have help available via the information icon Info Icon.

In your Settings (Notifications) tab, you can change the way you receive messages from Mahara. For each of the activities listed you can choose:

1. Email: every time an activity occurs, you will receive an email. This can become overwhelming in busy environments.

2. Email digest: you will receive one email each day, listing the activities and links relevant to you in the previous 24 hours.

3. Inbox: notifications will stay in your inbox in Mahara, which you can access via the envelope icon at top-right Envelope Icon. The number next to the icon is the number of unread inbox messages.

4. None: You will receive no notifications.

Note that if you select either of the email options, notifications will still arrive in your Mahara inbox, but they will be automatically marked as read.