Edit profile page

Your Profile page is a special page that can be viewed by all other users of ePortfolios@FedUni. You may also choose to have this page accessible to anyone on the Internet. You cannot delete your Profile page but you can control what information appears in it, including any profile information you have already entered into the system. Do not disclose too much personal information in your Profile page.

1. Click on your own name in the top-right block on the Dashboard. This will take you to your Profile page, and show you what other users can see about you.

2. On your Profile page, click the 'Edit this page' button at the top-right.

Edit Profile Page

3. The Edit content tab is highlighted. You will see a large pane that gives a preview of your page, and a column to the left with available 'blocks' to drag into your page. To put one of these blocks into your page, click on one and hold down the mouse button while dragging it into your preview pane. Make sure you can see the move icon Move Icon before you click and drag. Try this with a text box.

Profile Page Add Content

Alternatively, you can click on the block name and choose a position in the pop-up window.

Add Block - Text

4. Once a block has been inserted into the preview pane, you will usually be asked to configure it. For the text block,enter a title and some content, format it as you like, then click the Save button.

Add Block - Configuration

5. The block will now appear in your Profile page's preview pane. To edit an existing block, click on the gear icon Gear Icon that appears in the top-right corner of each block in the Edit content view. To delete a block, click on its trash icon Trash Icon.

6. You can move blocks around the preview pane by dragging and dropping them by their headers (where the title is). When you see the move icon Move Icon you can click and drag a block to a new position.

7. Click on the Personal info category to see a list of other block types you can drag into your page. This will include your resume and profile information that you have previously entered.

8. Click the Display page link at top-left or the button at the bottom to see how your page will look. Your page is automatically saved.