Manage files and folders

Before you add a lot of files to your ePortfolio, spend some time thinking about a useful folder structure. You may want to structure your folders so that documents are in one folder, audio in another and so on. Or you may prefer to have folders that represent different aspects of your work and academic life, such as by course code or research topic. Once you have a folder structure in place, it can be time-consuming to rearrange it if you have added lots of files.

1. Go to your Files area. To see a folder's contents, or to add a file to that folder, click on its name.

Files Area 

2. Once in a folder, to move back up the folder structure, click on the Parent folder link (or up icon Up Icon) or use the breadcrumbs to navigate back up (in the example below, click on Home).

Files Navigation 

3. Move a file or folder into another folder by clicking the icon or thumbnail to the left of its name. Then choose where to put it.

Files Move 

4. Delete a file or folder by clicking the trash icon on its far-right Trash Icon.

5. Edit a file or folder by clicking the pencil icon on its right Pencil Icon.  Enter a short Description to help you and your ePortfolio viewers identify the contents of the file or folder more easily later on. You can use Tags separated by commas to help you search for content when you need it later. You can also change the Name of the file, if necessary. Click the 'Save changes' button when you've finished editing.

File Edit


Storage quota

Every user has a file storage quota. You can see how much of your quota you have used by checking the Quota block at right in your Files area. Videos or large presentations with multimedia content can use up your quota quickly. You can use other web services such as YouTube and embed your content from there, so that you don't use up all of your ePortfolio quota too quickly.