Using Skins in Mahara

What are skins?

Mahara Skins are used to give you a fully customisable page format including adding Background colour or Image, text style and font. Skins allow you to choose a theme or design for your pages, which can be reused multiple times by being attached to a page.

How to use skins?

  1. To you use skins you must first go to Portfolio -> Skins menu in Mahara.

  2. Here is a list of current skins available for you to use, if there is none available you will have to create one from scratch, refer to the section creating your own skins.
  3. Once you checked that you have a skin available, go to the Pages menu.

  4. Click on the edit button for the page you wish to attach the skin.

  5. Under the pages menu tabs click Settings then skin.

  6. Click on the skin you wish to use and Click Save.

    Note: click on the Site skins drop-down to choose from additional premade skins.  
  7. Once you are happy with the skin you have chosen, confirm to attach it to the page by clicking Save.

  8. Your skin should now be attached to your page.

Creating your own skins?

Note: When creating your own skins remember to not include anything that may breach copyright or may be offensive material.

  1. To create your own skins go to Portfolio -> Skins menu.

  2. Click the Create skin button

  3. Give your Skin a name and a brief description of what the skin theme is based around.

  4. Once you have done a name and a description click on Background.

  5. From the Background menu you can Add a Background colour or Background Image.

  6. Choose if you would like to have the background image repeated like a tile effect either horizontal, vertical or both. The background Image attachment can be fixed or scroll meaning whether the background image will scroll on background when you move up and down the page. Choose the Background image Position of the background image on the screen.

  7. Once finished adding your background click the Fonts and colours tab.

  8. Choose the Font you want to use for particular sections of your pages. You can choose what size the font will be with Font size. You are able to choose a set colour for any area of your page or stick with the default colour.

    Note: Remember to use colours which are easily visible and have good contrast eg black and white are high contrast colours compared to red and blue.
  9. Click Save to save the skin you have created

Sharing skins in Mahara

  1. To share skins in Mahara you must go to Portfolio -> Skins.

  2. To share all skins you have created click Export skin(s) or to share an individual skin click in the download button on the specified skin.

  3. Click Save to save the file to your computer.

  4. From here you are able to share via a USB or another format to a person you want to share the skin with. From here you can click on the Export skin(s) button to import it into another Mahara account.