Create a page

The main reason for creating different pages is that you can share them with different target audiences. For example, you may create a page that contains information relating to a research paper you are writing and choose to share this page with your research associates.

You may have another page, or several pages, containing information and evidence relating to your professional development. This might be kept completely private until your required to share it with your supervisor. The information stored in your ePortfolio can be repurposed for different audiences by creating pages with different sharing permissions. A page can be completely private, open to the world, or anything in-between.

1. Go to Portfolio > Pages Everyone in Mahara has at least two pages: a Dashboard page which only you see when logged in, and a Profile page which is shared with everyone else at FedUni.

Pages Area

2. Click the Create page button.

3. Enter a Page title, optional Page description and optional Tags, then click the Save button.

4. You will be taken to the Edit content area, where you will see a preview pane similar to the one you see when editing your Profile page. Drag a block or two into the preview pane and configure. You can move blocks around by dragging them to new positions as described here.

Edit Page Content

5. Click the Display page link at top-left or the button at the bottom of the screen to see your page as others would see it.

6. If you wish to share your new page immediately, click the Share page link when you have finished editing Share Page Icon.