Create a journal

A journal is like a blog—a place where you can keep reflections, observations, or other timely information for yourself or for others to see. You can keep as many journals as you like in Mahara, and publish all or parts of their content in your ePortfolio pages.

1. Go to Content > Journals.

2. Click the Create journal button Create Journal Link. If you cannot see this option, make sure Multiple journals is switched Yes in your Settings Settings Icon.

3. Give your journal a Title, an optional Description, and optional Tags, then click the Create journal button at the bottom of the screen.

New Journal 

4. Your Journals area will now show the new journal to which you can add entries.

Journals Area 

5. Add an entry to your journal by clicking on the New entry button. Do this each time you have something new to add to your journal. Your journal entries remain private until you put them in a page and then share that page.

6. Give your new entry a Title, enter the main body of text for the Entry, and add some optional Tags.

New Journal Entry 

7. Add a file as an attachment to the journal entry if necessary.

8. Choose whether to save the entry as a Draft. If saved as a draft it will not be displayed in any page that you share. You can edit and publish any draft entry later.

9. Choose whether to Allow comments on your entry. This option only applies if you publish your journal or individual journal entry to a page and then share that page with others.

10. Click the Save entry button at the bottom of the screen when you have finished creating or editing your entry.

11. A message will let you know that your entry was saved successfully Journal Entry Saved.

Export content from Moodle

You can export files, forum posts, glossary and database entries, and more from Moodle to your Mahara account, anywhere you see the 'export to portfolio' link in Moodle. Exported files will be sent to your 'incoming' folder in Mahara, whilst all other content exported in 'Leap2a' format will be sent as a new journal.