Create a Collection

A Mahara Collection is similar to a small website; you can choose which pages to add to your collection and have navigation (links) between them. All pages in a collection have the same access permissions, and a page can only belong to one collection at a time. If you need to have a page in more than one collection Copy a page first, in Portfolio > Pages.

Create new collection

1. Make sure you have at least two pages to put into a new collection.

2. Go to Portfolio > Pages and Collections and click the + Add button.

3. Click Collection

4. Enter a Collection name, optional Collection description, and optional Tags. Leave Page navigation bar set to Yes, then click the Next button at the bottom of the screen.

Edit Collection

5. Drag pages from the left-hand box to the right-hand box to add them to this collection.

Edit Collection Pages

6. Edit the order of pages in the collection by dragging them or clicking on the arrows.

Edit Collection Order

7. Click the Done button at the bottom of the screen when finished. You can come back and edit the collection at any time.

8. Edit access to the collection as you would for a single page. All pages in a collection will share the same access permissions.