Add files and folders

To create a meaningful ePortfolio you'll need to add files. These files may help you provide evidence and could be in various formats such as documents, slide show presentations, images, audio and video. Mahara lets you upload almost any type of file you'll need to include in your ePortfolio, organise them in folders, and add them to pages you can share. You can add the files before you create pages to put them in, or add them on the fly as you create pages. Here we'll consider doing it in advance.

Add files and folders

1. From the Dashboard, click on Files under the Content tab.

2. Before you can upload a file, you must agree to the copyright statement by clicking on the tick box above the statement. You must check this box first!

Upload Files

3. You will now be able to click the Choose Files button and browse for the file you wish to upload. When you have successfully uploaded your file a message will appear towards the top of the screen, similar to this one:

Upload Complete

4. Alternatively, after agreeing to the copyright statement, you can drag and drop a file or files from your computer to the area that states 'Drop files here to upload'. You can also upload an archive/zip file and 'unzip' it in your Files area; this is useful if you have lots of files to add.

5. Create a new folder by entering its name and clicking the Create folder button.

Create Folder

You can also add files directly from Moodle to ePortfolios@FedUni, anywhere you see the 'export to portfolio' link next to a file. These files, such as assessment submissions or feedback documents, will be imported into a Mahara folder called 'incoming'.

Incoming Folder