3. Create questions

You must have at least one group in your survey before you can add questions.

1. Choose which group you wish to add questions to. Click on the Groups drop-down box to choose.

Choose question group

2. After choosing a group, an additional panel will appear (Question panel).
Click on the 'Add new question to group' icon.

Add question icon

3. You can now add your question details. Every question must have a unique code (eg. a, b, c); this code isn't displayed in your survey.

Edit question

3.1. Choose your question type: Choose a question type from the drop down list. LimeSurvey will provide a screenshot sample of the question when you move over an option. 

Note: If you choose to set a question to Mandatory, users will not be able to submit the survey without completing this question. If you are testing your survey (before activation) - you will also have to select an option before you can continue.

Click "Add question" once you are happy with your question options.
Note: you can edit this at a later time.

Question type

4. Certain types of questions, eg. multi-choice, require you to add answers to the question for your respondents to choose from. If answers are required you will see the 'Warning: you need to add answer options to this question' icon.

Edit answers

4.1. Give each answer a unique code and appropriate text.
For additional answers, click the 'Add new answer' button or the '+ ' icon. When you have added all the answers, click the 'Save changes' button.

Edit answers and save

5. You can preview your question by clicking the 'Preview this question' icon. 

Preview question

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For more help, please refer to the Official LimeSurvey documentation.