2. Create question group

All questions in a survey must belong to a group. Before you can create questions, create at least one group.

1. In your survey, click on the 'Add new group to survey' icon.

Add group - screenshot

2. Give your group an appropriate title, eg. 'Personal details' or 'Demographics'. The description is optional, and is displayed to end users when they enter into that group of questions in your survey.

Group settings Screenshot

3. Ignore the 'Import question group' tab unless you have a set of questions you have already exported from another survey and wish to import into this one.

4. Click the 'Save question group' button.

Repeat this process for each group you need to add. If you only create one group and later need to separate your questions into different groups, you can create the other groups later and move the questions as required.

You will now be able to start adding questions.

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For more help, please refer to the Official LimeSurvey documentation.