1. Create new survey

1. Click the 'Create, import or copy a survey' icon in the administration panel. Whenever you scroll over an icon in LimeSurvey, its function appears as a pop-up message.

Create Survey 1.1

2. You will then be presented with a new screen containing several tabs. This is where you enter general details about your survey, such as the welcome message users see when they first arrive at it. You can edit these details later. Click on each tab to enter or edit information. If you are not importing a survey, ignore the 'Import Survey' tab.

Note: We highly suggest adding a welcome message to introduce the survey and provide the duration of the survey. It may be helpful to add a note to this welcome message such as: "Begin this survey by clicking the blue "Next" button located in the footer".

(Due to themes, this button can not be moved up into the main section of the screen).

3. When you have finished entering and editing information, click the 'save' button at the bottom of the page. The only information you must enter is the survey's title. A welcome message will appear on the survey home page to introduce your survey.

To import an existing survey, you don't need to enter information in all of the tabs; go directly to the 'Import ' tab, browse for and select the file (usually a .lss, .csv, or .txt) on your computer, and then click the ' Import survey ' button.

Import new question

4. When the survey has been created, the home page for the survey's administration appears.

LimeSurvey home page survey settings

5. In the Survey toolbar, there are various options you can choose from.

Survey toolbar options

The most common functions used in this banner in order are:

1. Activate/Deactivate Survey; 2. Test Survey; 3. Edit Survey Settings; 4. Delete Survey, 5. Export Survey; 6. Responses and Statistics; 7. Reorder Groups and Questions; 8. Tokens

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For more help, please refer to the Official LimeSurvey documentation.