Lime Survey common errors

This page lists common errors or issues users have found while using Lime Survey.

When attempting to test the survey:

  • Error: "This survey cannot be tested or completed for the following reason(s)":
  • Answer: The survey can not be tested as there are no questions in a particular group. Please ensure each group has at least one question.

When attempting to find results to a survey that has been deactivated:

  • Error: "This survey is not active - no responses are available"
  • Answer: The survey can not find responses due to being deactivated. When your survey is complete you should 'expire' a survey rather than deactivate'. If you deactivate a survey, the responses are lost. To get responses back, refer to the following steps:
    1. Activate your survey again
    2. Select the "Responses" icon under the Survey menu
    3. Select "Responses and Statistics"
    4. Select "Import answers from a deactivated survey table" menu entry
    5. Choose your source table
    6. Select "Import responses"
  • You can now find past responses in the "Responses and Statistics" menu.

For further support, please log a job via the Service Desk or contact CLIPP reception on (03) 5327 6151.