4. Activate survey

1. You can test your survey prior to activation by clicking on the 'Test this survey' icon.

When you are happy to begin taking responses to your survey, activate it. Note: once you have activated your survey, you cannot change many aspects of it, eg. you cannot add more questions to it.

Preview Survey

2. Activate your survey by clicking on the blue arrow 'Activate this survey' icon.

activate survey

3. When you begin activating your survey, you'll receive a warning about what will no longer be possible.
When your survey is activated, you'll see the following screen.

Unless you need strict control over who can access your survey, ignore the 'Switch to closed-access mode' button.

Warning - Activate Survey

  • Click 'Save / Activate Survey'
  • Your survey is now ready for announcement to intended respondents.

4. Test the activated survey: Once the survey is activated, we highly suggest to test the live survey (add 'test' to fields where applicable) and browse responses to confirm the survey and the submit option are working correctly.

5. Closing your survey: You can close your survey two different ways: Expiring or Deactivating.

  • We highly suggest you expire your survey to prevent loss of data.

More information about expiring and deactivating your survey:

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For more help, please refer to the Official LimeSurvey documentation.