Installing the Adobe Connect Add-in

The Windows 10 Add-in is required if you are running windows 10 on your computer and are unable to install the Add-in directly. The Adobe Connect Add-In is available from the Software Centre.

  1. To Download the Adobe Connect Add-In go Start -> All apps -> Microsoft System Centre and click on Software Centre.

  2. Click on Adobe Connect Add-In in the Software Centre.

    Note: If Adobe Connect does not show up automatically, search Adobe Connect in the search box.
  3. Click on Install to download the Adobe Connect Add-in.

    Note: You will have to close all open programs when you install this.
  4. The Add-in should now be installed.

    Note: IE, Firefox, and Edge will launch a room in the add-in if it is installed (i.e. on lecturer’s machine), or load the room in flash in the browser if no add-in installed. Chrome is not able to launch the room in the add-in even if it is installed, but it can load the room in flash in the browser.