Create course meeting rooms within Moodle

1. Click on the Virtual Learning Spaces link.

*Note: If you have not completed this step, please refer to Create a Virtual Classroom Manager.


2. Under Course Meetings click Add Meeting.

Add meeting

3. From this point you can either create a new meeting or use an existing meeting you have already created. If this is your first class, click Create New Meeting.

Create new meeting

4. Enter a name for the virtual classroom and select Default Meeting Template from select template drop down menu.

Default meeting template

*Tip: Include day and time of the scheduled class in the name. E.g. Weekly lecture Tuesdays 9am - 10am

5. Click Next.

Click Next

*Note: Under optional you can set a custom URL for your Course Meetings. Insert a summary of what the room is used for. A start time and date for when the room started and access which determines who can enter the room. There are 3 levels of access only, registered users, accepted guests and anyone who has the URL for the meeting room. It is best you allow only registered users and accepted guests so you can control who enters the room.

*Tip: Create a custom URL if you expect a non FedUni user to enter the room. E.g. A guest industry lecturer.

*Note: Course Meetings are associated with the Moodle course it was created in. You may only have one virtual classroom per course. Contact CLIPP for assistance.

6. On the next screen you are presented with Available Moodle Users and Adobe Connect Participants. User synchronisation is automatic, however you should ensure that all teaching staff have the status of Host. Click the Sync Users button if there are any discrepancies.


7. Click Finish.

*Tip: You may override any user by clicking on their name in Adobe Connect Participants list and clicking the Set User Role menu.

Create Course Meeting rooms within Moodle.pdf (185kb)