Audio settings setup (Windows)

Setting up Your Computer

To prepare your computer to use Adobe Connect, first ensure you have connected all peripherals to your computer. Wait until Windows has completed the setup of your hardware before continuing. It is important that you follow any instructions provided by your device manufacturer.

Driver install Driver ready

Audio Settings for Windows

Adjust your devices audio level by clicking on the speaker icon in the task bar at the bottom right of your screen.Speaker Icon

1. If you can't see the device you are using right click on the speaker icon to bring up this menu. Click Playback devices.

Playback Devices

2. Under the Playback tab you will be able to select your sound output device. In this example you may choose either the computer speakers or the headset device. The current output device is indicated by a green tick. You may change the default by right clicking the device and selecting Set as Default Device.

Playback Tab 

3. Select the Recording tab to select the audio input device. In most cases this will be the Headset Microphone. You can change the default device by right clicking and choose set as default. It is possible to select more than one input device, but this is not recommended.

Recording Tab

4. Click OK after selecting your defaults. If you have no recording devices to select from, then try to locate the drivers and re-install your device.