Accessing recordings

1. To access recordings click the Recordings link.

recording links

2. Under Recordings for that meeting you will see:

  • The name given to the recording you have made.
  • Recording date
  • Duration in minutes
  • Actions menu containing Edit Recording and Share.
  • Delete (note deleted items are NOT recoverable)

Recordings list


1. Click on the Name of your recording.


2. A new window opens showing you the recording. Press Play button to watch and pause when needed.


Sharing Recordings

  1. Under Recordings for that meeting you will see a Recordings button to click.
  2. From the recordings menu choose Actions on the Recording you wish to share.
  3. Click on Share.
  4. Choose how you wish to share the recordings.
  5. Recording URL Allows you to share a link via email or via Moodle that allows anybody with the link to view the recording.

    Change Access Type Allows you to select whether you want your recordings either Public or Private.

Accessing recordings.pdf(324kb)