Adobe Connect features

The information below highlights some of the key features and benefits of the Adobe Connect virtual classroom solution:

  • Flexible online teaching spaces with functionality which includes:
    • Share – Share screen, document or window.
    • Notes – Students/facilitators or both can enter text based content. Potential uses include allowing note taking during breakout sessions.
    • Attendees – Lists people currently within a room and their role. Also used to set up breakout rooms.
    • Camera – Webcam function. Can display one or more video streams in a number of layouts.
    • Chat – Live chat function. Allows group and private chats.
    • Files – File/document sharing function.
    • Web links – Ability to setup list of websites for viewing by participant.
    • Poll – Real time survey/question function. Allows participant engagement through question responses.
    • Q & A – Allows participants to pose questions to facilitator. More formal question and answer process than chat function.
  • Predesigned and prepared virtual rooms
  • Ability to record
  • Breakout (virtual group) sessions
  • No plugins required