Video production

Working with CLIPP's Digital Production team means having a full creative team by your side.
We collaborate with FedUni staff to create engaging, professional video content for teaching and learning.

CLIPP's Digital Production team can assist staff to enhance course materials, produce high-end animations, or even shoot and edit promotions seen by external audiences*

Scoping and planning the project is a joint venture, and CLIPP staff will take care of the shoot for you using professional studio & production equipment. We will also provide you with technical expertise and editorial advice throughout post production.

Services may include

  • Pre-production assistance: Pre-production planning, hiring actors, location scouting, creation or sourcing props, film scheduling, set dressing, on-set filming and much more.
  • Skills series instructional videos
  • Digital dilemmas / mixed media narratives
  • Promotional/Marketing*

Script/Storyboard template

To assist your video pre-production planning, please download a copy of the Script/Storyboard template (docx, 68.2kb)

Request filming assistance

For video production assistance, please fill out this online video request form or contact CLIPP

* These services are free for FedUni staff for learning and teaching productions, please contact CLIPP or Marketing and Communications if your project is externally facing marketing or is of a promotional nature.