Working with our team

  1. Feel free to contact Jaimee Westin (Graphic Design / Digital Narratives) or Eammon Jones (Video / Animation / Audio) to discuss your idea
  2. Complete the Service Agreement / Brief (pdf, 1.4mb) and email it to:
  3. The team will be in touch to discuss your request.

(Note): The Digital Production team has a primary focus of creating learning and teaching material to support the Learning and Teaching success plan. For all all marketing videos, please contact the Marketing department. Requests for all work should must be accompanied by a detailed brief in order to determine capacity and timelines. We can provide advice on additional resourcing (staff and/or equipment) in order to cater for these requests. Due to staffing limitations, scoping documents and all required materials (images, audio, canned footage) must be gathered during the pre-production stage and prior to the commencement of any further work. Filming on the Mt Helen campus is preferable, however filming on other campuses can be discussed on a case by case basis.