Video and animation services

The Digital Production team supports staff to film & edit various types of high quality video projects. Scoping and project planning is a joint venture, the team will take care of the production component for you to produce exciting learning materials.

Services include:

  • Skills series or instructional video
  • Digital Dilemmas or Digital Narratives
  • Interactive video simulation "Choose your own adventure" or branching narratives
  • 2D Animation
  • 3D Animation
  • Educational short films
  • Documentaries
  • Animation or visual FX
  • Note: We cannot assist with recorded role play. We can assist on why this method is not beneficial.

Pre-production services include:

Our team also have the skills to assist with pre-production services for large video projects, such as:

  • Planning documentation in line with course ILOs (with assistance from the institute Learning Designer)
  • Script assistance
  • Budget management
  • Casting actors
  • Scouting locations
  • Props and wardrobe
  • Creating and managing schedules
  • On set management