Digital narrative services

  • The Digital Production team have created a number of Digital narratives, from small scale (12 videos, 6 actors and 1 location) to large scale (20 videos, 54 actors and 20 locations)
  • Planning documentation in line with course ILOs (with assistance from the institute Learning Designer)
  • Pre-Production services
    • Scoping
    • Script assistance
    • Budget management
    • Casting actors
    • Scouting locations
    • Props and wardrobe
    • Creating and managing schedules
    • On set management
  • On set filming production with academics and/or actors
  • Editing footage into scenarios
  • Development of supporting resources such as character biographies etc within Moodle.

View the "Portfolio" tab to view the Digital narrative trailers. Feel free to contact us to view all digital narratives videos for use in courses.