WIL medical and legal requirements for WIL students

Student requirements

All students enrolled in any program or course at Federation University Australia which has a mandatory or elective work integrated learning component must complete the following legal and medical forms and upload all forms (fully completed an signed) to their student profile on the InPlace student placement system.

When completing the Medical Declaration form, all students should also download and read the FedUni Student Medical & Disability Flow Chart (pdf, 90kb) to ensure you are aware of other support services available through Disability and Learning Access Unit.

Authorised worker permit

Students requiring to travel to attend a practical class or placement during lockdown may require an authorised worker permit in line with governmental directions. Students must complete all details of the permit, ensuring to fill out table 2 with their precise allocated times (excluding travel), and signing with an electronic or picture signature.

Where the student is attending a placement, a roster may be required. To avoid delays in processing the permit, please ensure to provide a roster in the first instance.

This form is to be fill and forwarded to wil@federation.edu.au, please include your student ID and campus, and ensure to email from your student email address. The permit should be returned within 1 business day of submitting a completed permit with sufficient supplementary information.

This form is to be issued to enable a person who works or lives in Victoria to attend an Authorised Work Premises, and for an eligible Authorised Worker to access childcare, or kindergarten. This permit is required to be carried by authorised workers and permitted higher education students who are leaving the home for authorised work. The person may carry a print-out or an electronic copy of this permit when undertaking the permitted activity and when traveling to and from the destination at which the permitted activity takes place.

This form can only be issued in accordance with the Chief Health Officer’s Stay at Home and Workplace Directions as amended from time to time. If it is not issued in accordance with Chief Health Officer’s Stay at Home and Workplace Directions, it is invalid.

For the most up to date information regarding COVID requirements, please visit the DHHS website.

Storage of documents

The completed and signed Student Placement Agreement and the Medical Declaration and Reasonable Adjustment Request must be uploaded to your personal student profile on the InPlace student placement system.