Program review and renewal processes

The process of transforming existing program curricula to the co-operative model may occur as part of the Program Review Schedule, the Program Renewal Schedule or as an independent process. The Dean, Learning and Teaching will work annually with Institute Directors of Learning and Teaching to create and communicate these priorities, timeframes and schedules.

Program Review Process

All programs at Federation University are required to undergo a program review every five (5) years as per the Review of Established Sealed Award Programs (Higher Education) Policy [LT1828] and Procedure [LT1281]. This review process quality assures the content, teaching, academic integrity, academic standards, student experience and outcomes of Higher Education award programs at Federation University Australia and facilitates timely and purposeful improvement in a planned and systematic manner.

As part of the university’s move to a co-operative model, the process of mapping current curricula against the Minimum Co-operative Standards (MiCS) has been added to this process to assist in identifying opportunities to meet, maintain and enhance co-operative learning experiences across the program.

Pending the number and complexity of recommendations derived from the program review process, implementation of such may be supported through undertaking a formal Program Renewal Process, or an independent program-led renewal process.


Program Coordinators can contact their Director, Learning and Teaching for the annual schedule of program reviews in your Institute


Program Renewal Process

The process of renewing all Federation University programs to embed the co-operative model and/or implement recommendations from a program review process, involves a number of stages to support comprehensive program and course redesign and redevelopment. The time and work allocation required for each stage will differ pending the size and structure of the program, and level of renewal required. There are three levels of program renewal:

  1. Refresh – Current Minimum Co-operative Standards (MiCS) mapping show all criteria meet minimum expectations and require only minor enhancements to enable continuous improvement as a cooperative program.
  2. Reshape – Current Minimum Co-operative Standards (MiCS) mapping show some criteria do not currently meet minimum expectations and require minor to major enhancements to meet, maintain and/or extend those expectations.
  3. Rejuvenate – Current Minimum Co-operative Standards (MiCS) mapping show many criteria not meeting minimum expectations and require major enhancements to program design to be considered a cooperative program.


Program Coordinators can contact their Director, Learning and Teaching for the annual schedule of program renewals in your Institute


The Program Renewal Process Manual is being finalised and supporting resources developed, ready for release across February and March 2023 – watch this site for updates!

In the interim, Program Coordinators are encouraged to contact their Institute Director, Learning and Teaching and Institute/CAD Learning Design team.

Independent enhancement

The university is committed to ensuring all programs are considered co-operative programs by 2025.  Some programs however may fall outside the current formal Program Review and/or Program Renewal schedules within the next three years.  These programs will still be supported to undertake an informal, program-led independent process to meet co-operative program expectations.