FedUni staff must forward directly to fit2work a list of all students enrolled in a WIL program or course which requires a Police Check.

The enrolment list should be saved with the Program code and year level to clearly identify the students on the list. The enrolment list must contain each student's first, middle and family name and their FedUni student email address to ensure all FedUni student applications are verified and recorded.


All students enrolled in a program or course which requires a Police Check must complete the Police Check process through fit2work.

How to apply for a Police Check – fit2work

Police Checks are required annually

Many providers of clinical and work integrated learning (WIL) placements, including Health and Education providers, require students who have a clinical or WIL placement requirement as part of their course to undertake an annual police check. Please note this is a mandatory requirement for each calendar year that you attend a placement ie, you will need a Police Check that states 2016 for a placement in 2016.

fit2work Instructions

Federation University Australia requires students to fill in the fit2work online background check consent form.
In order to complete your police check, please ensure you prepare 100 points of certified identification. Certified identification is a photocopy of your identification documents which has been shown with the originals to an authorised person.

It needs to be signed, dated and declared that it is a ‘true and accurate record of the original document’.

fit2work only accepts IDs that have been certified within the last 3 months

An authorised person includes a police officer, teacher, nurse, pharmacist, doctor, justice of the peace and some other authorised professions. Refer to the list of persons authorised to certify documentation.ffit2work only accepts IDs that are certified within 3 months.

Step 1: To coincide with your course enrolment or re-enrolment, you will receive an email to your student email account either directly from Fit2Work or from the clinical/WIL placements office with detailed instructions about how to apply online for your police check. The email will include a personalised link, click on the link or copy and paste it into your browser.

Step 2: Complete the online consent form

* Please note: if your name is incorrect on the consent form, please correct this by clearly writing your full name on both pages 1 and 3 of your printed consent form.

Step 3: Provide 100 points of certified identification (certified by an authorised person)

Step 4: Follow the fit2work step-by-step process

Step 5: Pay for your check by clicking the ‘process check’ button at the end of the online form.

Cost (approx. $17.90 + GST payable by secure credit card or PayPal)

The outcome of your fit2work application will be emailed to your student email account; there is no need to bring your completed fit2work check to the University because fit2work will inform the University directly of the outcome of your Police Check. Students are however required to take a copy of their fit2work check outcome to their clinical placement venue on orientation day and have it at hand (most sites will accept a photo on a smartphone) at all times while on placement.

Support: Please contact fit2work on: 1300 575 575 for further information regarding your check or email for assistance or visit the Fit2Work website at

NOTE: For re-enrolling students, you will be asked to complete your application for a police check in October- December of the previous year. The police check will be conducted in January of the following year, to ensure the check is conducted in the same calendar year as your placement. The outcome of the completed Fit2Work check will be emailed to you prior to the commencement of your clinical placement .Federation University Australia requires you to fill in the fit2work online background check consent form.

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