Digital production

High-quality resources are important in both face-to-face and online courses to enable students to engage with learning content effectively. The Centre for Learning Innovation and Professional Practice (CLIPP) is committed to meeting the learning and teaching needs of its key stakeholders. We work with faculty and professional staff to enhance course material to support student learning and engagement.

Graphic design

CLIPP has an experienced in-house Graphic Designer/Digital Designer to assist staff with graphical elements to enhance course material. This service is free for all FedUni staff provided material is for educational use and aligns with the Learning and Teaching Plan. All material designed will comply with the FedUni brand guidelines where appropriate.

When planning your design jobs, please allow sufficient time for discussions, production and printing. Please advise us at the beginning of the project if you need to make your own updates in the future as this may alter the programs used to create your project. We do have various templates already created which you may use.

Services may include:
  • Creation of graphical elements (flowcharts, diagrams etc.)
  • Print-based materials such as instructional booklets (step by step guides), flyers, postcards, posters, brochures, etc.
Image use:

If you require stock images, CLIPP can attempt to source high quality (300 DPI) images from free stock image websites on your behalf, alternatively staff / faculty may need to purchase relevant images from the “istock” website, which comply with the brand guidelines/brand book.

Let's get started:

If you need graphic design assistance, please fill out the online graphic design form or contact CLIPP

Video production

Working with CLIPPs digital production team means having a full creative team by your side.  We collaborate with FedUni staff to create engaging, professional video content for teaching and learning.

CLIPP's Digital Production team can assist staff to enhance course materials, produce high end animations, or even shoot and edit promotions seen by external audiences*

Scoping and planning the project is a joint venture, and CLIPP staff will take care of the shoot for you using professional studio & production equipment. We will also provide you with technical expertise and editorial advice throughout post production.

Services may include:  

  • Skills series instructional videos
  • Digital dilemmas / mixed media narratives
  • Promotional/Marketing*

For video production assistance, please fill out this online video request form or contact CLIPP

* These services are free for FedUni staff for learning & teaching productions, please contact CLIPP or Marketing & Communications if your project is externally facing marketing or is of a promotional nature.

Audio production

Audio recording can be highly beneficial in an educational setting. It can be used to explain a concept, method or instruction, facilitate a discussion forum or explain a real life scenario.  The Digital Production team can provide advice on capturing high quality audio or work with you in the audio recording booth at the MTH campus.

For audio production assistance, please contact CLIPP


If your course has a difficult to grasp concept, an animated illustration can foster/reinforce student understanding. Due to time constraints,  animation projects are approved on a case by case basis.

For animation development, please fill out this online video request form or contact CLIPP


The Digital Production team has the skills to take high quality photos, as well as studio portrait photography.

If you require a group photo session, we request all participants are available at the same block of time to maximise efficiency. A black or white backdrop will be available in our professional studio set-up; therefore, we suggest not wearing the same colour as the background. For more tips on how to maximise your photo shoot, please contact us.

For photography assistance, please contact CLIPP