Broad and Human Resource Leadership Challenges

Research opportunity: Survey and phone interview

Dear colleagues / managers / leaders within central academic development units / learning and teaching centres / associated portfolios, we would like to invite you to participate in this original research:

Exploration of broad and human resource challenges experienced within central academic development units/learning and teaching centres and the impact on service provision


Central academic development units/learning and teaching centres lead academic professional development and/or several student retention initiatives in higher education institutions.

  • Broad and human resource management challenges occur at various times within the higher education sector.
  • This research explores challenges primarily in the context of central academic development units/learning and teaching centres and/or associated portfolio’s.
  • The research aims to increase awareness of challenges and offer practical solutions relevant to sector.
  • This research also explores the impact of such challenges on the provision of key functions, services and responsibilities at both the unit/centre level and at the sector level.

Purpose of the research

  • The purpose of this research is to evaluate the lived relevant experience of senior managers and/or leaders from higher education providers primarily situated within central academic development units/learning and teaching centres and/or associated portfolio’s relevant to the topic of broad and human resource challenges.

What are participants being asked to do: Two methodologies are being utilised within this research project:

Methodology 1: Survey: An open and closed Lime Survey will gather basic information regarding demographics, education background, academic experience, lived challenges and perceptions regarding team functions relevant to the participant’s role. This survey will be completed in an anonymous manner. All data from this section will be presented by collective descriptive statistics and summary themes (where appropriate).

Methodology 2: Interviews: You also have the opportunity to attend a 30-40min interview with a research assistant organised by the researchers. The purpose of the interview is to further explore your lived experiences relevant to this research area. Interview transcripts will be transcribed, checked with the participant and then coded for key themes relevant to the enquiry. Key themes will be presented to the higher education sector in relevant peer review learning and teaching scholarly domains.

If you are interested in partaking in a 40min interview please see the attached PLIS statement and reply to Tulsa Andrews ( expressing your interest (via email). Tulsa will contact you within 48 hours to arrange an interview time at your convenience.

Potential benefits

  • Potential benefits in participating in this research include contributing to the discussion from both a management/leadership perspective specific to learning and teaching in higher education and enhancing awareness of current challenges and solutions focused for central academic development units/learning and teaching centres.

If you would like to forward this research opportunity to colleagues employed in relevant working domains, please feel free to do so. Thank you for your consideration.