Vice-Chancellor’s Awards for Teaching Excellence

The Teaching Excellence Award celebrates outstanding teachers at Federation University Australia. In 2018, there will be up to 1 award available in this category.

This Award gives recognition to teachers (individuals and teams) renowned for the excellence of their teaching, who have outstanding presentation skills and who have made a broad and deep contribution to the quality of learning and teaching at the University. The application process is based on the instructions as detailed in the Australian Awards for University Teaching (AAUT) Awards. There are five main steps in the awards process. Please ensure to follow the CLIPP schedule calendar (timeline) and supporting documents throughout the award process.

Step 1. Recognition phase

Senior managers with a Faculty / School / Department will be invited to nominate y staff who they consider demonstrate an outstanding contribution to student service via direct email correspondence from CLIPP

Step 2. Nomination phase

Staff nominated by senior management will be invited to submit an intention to apply form. This form indicates that the staff member accepts the nomination and wishes to apply for the 2018 cycle. The intention to apply phase is open from  4-8 June 2018, via the  Vice-Chancellor’s Awards for Learning and Teaching Moodle site.

Eligibility for nomination

  1. All applications must relate to contributions to student learning, student engagement and/or the overall student experience at the University.
  2. Applications are open to academic staff, teaching staff, professional staff, technical staff, sessional staff and institutional associates (full-time or fractional, continuing or contract).
  3. Both team and individual applications are encouraged. Teams may be of any size. If a team is larger than five members, a team name must be provided.
  4. Applicants can be included in only one applications in any year.
  5. Individual citation recipients are not eligible for re application within five years of receiving a citation.
  6. Previously unsuccessful applications for citations are eligible to apply.
  7. An applicant may only submit an applications for either a Citation or a Teaching Award in any one year.

Step 3. Mentoring phase

After intention to supply forms are submitted, CLIPP will review these forms, in particular the evidence supplied within, to determine eligibility for application.  This will occur via the Moodle site.

Step 4. Application phase

During the application phase of the 2018 Vice-Chancellor's Learning & Teaching award process you will learn how to write a strong written statement for your award application. You will also learn how to use your referee letter(s) to your advantage, craft strong supportive documentation (Teaching Excellence only) and receive feedback on two drafts of your written statement by CLIPP staff members.

Step 5. Evaluation phase

Selection panel for all awards

Applications for Citations and Awards are considered by a Selection Committee. This is made up of (where possible):

  • Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Learning and Quality) or nominee
  • Director, Centre for Learning Innovation and Professional Practice (CLIPP) or nominee
  • One Associate Dean Learning and Teaching
  • One national winner equivalent to the AAUT and/or predecessors (ie ALTC, OLT)
  • One previous Vice-Chancellors Award winner
  • One student representative


Applications for this award should have demonstrated all of the following:

  • Approaches to teaching and the support of learning that influence, motivate and inspire students to learn.
  • Development of curricula, resources or services that reflect a command of the field.
  • Evaluation practices that bring about improvements in teaching and learning.
  • Innovation, leadership or scholarship that has influenced and enhanced learning and teaching and/or the student experience.

The assessment will also take into account:

  1. the extent to which the claims for excellence are supported by formal and informal evaluation
  2. the extent of creativity, imagination or innovation, irrespective of whether the approach involves traditional learning environments or technology-based developments
  3. information contained in student data or institutional student surveys, references, and selected teaching materials submitted by the nominee.

Awards presentation

A framed certificate will be presented to the Award winner signed by the Vice-Chancellor at a ceremony at the end of the year.

Award guidelines

Staff who intend on applying for a VC’s L&T Citation, should follow this step-by-step process:

  1. Read the 2017 Program Information and Nomination Instructions as detailed in the Australian Awards for University Teaching (AAUT) Awards and refer to the appropriate section within the instructions; There is one section which is particularly relevant for Citations for Outstanding Contributions to Student Learning (Applicants need to address one selection criteria in a 4 page application).
  2. Complete the online eligibility for nomination via Moodle.
  3. Seek advice from CLIPP staff and/faculty ADLT and awards mentors. CLIPP will assist with appointing appropriate mentors.
  4. Complete the Federation University Intention to Submit Form (Docx, 239kb) for Outstanding Contributions to Student Service Awards.
  5. Comply with the CLIPP Calendar Schedule regarding timelines for institutional submission.

Essential resources and forms

Additional Resources

Further information

Enquiries to be directed to or phone (03) 5327 6151.