Vice-Chancellor’s Awards for Outstanding Contributions to Student Services

This award is presented to a staff member / team that has provided outstanding service to individual students or student groups on a consistent basis, whether through personal advising, development of programs, or improvements to the university’s systems and policies that effect students. Up to 3 awards are granted annually.

Recognition is awarded to staff who have been nominated by managers in their School / Department for significant contributions to student service, student engagement, and/or the overall student experience, in a specific area of responsibility, over a sustained period for 12+ months. The awards process runs from May – November annually and involves five main steps. Apart from Stage one (1), the VC’s L&T awards process operates via FedUni’s LMS, Moodle.

Stage 1. Recognition phase

Senior managers with a School / Department are invited to nominate  staff / teams who they consider demonstrate an outstanding contribution to student service via direct email correspondence from CLIPP.

Stage 2. Expression of Interest phase

Staff / teams nominated by senior management are invited to submit an expression of interest form. This form indicates that the staff member / team accepts the nomination and wishes to apply for an award in the same year. The expression of interest stage is open for two (2) weeks in June.

Eligibility for application

  1. All applications must relate to contributions to student learning, student engagement, and/or the overall student experience at the University.
  2. Applications are open to professional staff, technical staff, sessional staff and institutional associates (full-time or fractional, continuing or contract).
  3. Both team and individual applications are encouraged. Teams may be of any size. If a team is larger than five members, a team name must be provided.
  4. Applicants can be included in only one applications in any year. Individual citation recipients are not eligible for reapplication within five years of receiving a citation.
  5. Previously unsuccessful applications for citations are eligible to apply.
  6. An applicant may only submit an applications for either a Citation or a Teaching Award in any one year.

Stage 3. Eligibility check phase

After expression of interest forms are submitted, CLIPP will review to assess  the evidence supplied within,  and determine eligibility for application.

Stage 4. Application phase

During the application phase of the VC’s L&T award process, applicants will learn how to write a strong written statement, how to use referee letter(s)  advantageously, and receive feedback on two drafts of the application via mentor partnerships, in relation to one (1) of the following categories:

  • Commitment to identifying students’ needs or expectations and reacting appropriately to ensure student satisfaction.
  • Consideration of the impact on the students when taking action, setting policies or carrying out tasks.
  • Willingness to refer students to an appropriate department or employee to solve specific challenges and to perform appropriate follow-up as needed with students to ensure that their issue/concern has been resolved.
  • Ability to involve students in decision-making or problem solving processes as early as possible.
  • Dedication to continuously improve student satisfaction and remove barriers to outstanding student service.

Stage 5. Evaluation phase

Selection panel for all awards

Applications for Citations and Awards are considered by a Selection Committee. This is made up of (where possible):

  • Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic) or nominee
  • Director, Centre for Learning Innovation and Professional Practice (CLIPP) or nominee
  • One Associate Dean Teaching Quality
  • One national winner equivalent to the AAUT and/or predecessors (ie ALTC, OLT)
  • One previous Vice-Chancellors Award winner
  • One student representative

The panel will assess Citations for Student Service based on the degree to which the applicant has convincingly argued they have:

  • influenced student learning, student engagement or the overall student experience
  • received recognition from fellow staff, the institution, and/or the broader community
  • sustained practice for a period of no less than three years (two years for early career)

Awards presentation

A framed certificate, signed by the Vice-Chancellor, will be presented to Award winners at a ceremony in November.

Essential resources & forms

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Further information

Enquiries to be directed to or phone (03) 5327 6151