Vice-Chancellor's Awards (L&T)

The VC Awards (Learning and Teaching) are an important part of the University's mission to promote and advance learning and teaching through recognition and reward of individuals and teams and through rigorous scholarship of learning and teaching support. There are three types of VC Awards that recognise outstanding contributions to student learning, teaching excellence and student services.

Learning and Teaching Awards – Your next step?

Teaching is a standard academic endeavour, but ever wonder why, or how, your teaching pedagogy impacts students, peers, the sector, the community? Have you engaged with the scholarship of learning and teaching (SoLT), identified how you teach sits beyond standard practice, and wondered whether others may be interested in learning from you? Well, you may be interested in putting together an application for a learning and teaching award.


In this webinar, a SoLT expert familiar with institutional and national awards processes, will guide your through the Federation University Australia Vice-Chancellor’s Learning and Teaching Awards process to understand the value of applying for an award for career recognition and progression. You will also get some hot tips for crafting a strong and competitive application.

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