Awards for Programs that Enhance Learning


The Australian Awards for University Teaching (AAUT) were established in 1997 by the Australian Government to celebrate and reward excellence in university teaching. The AAUT recognise quality teaching practice and outstanding contributions to student learning, demonstrating excellence in higher education learning and teaching. Recipients, with the support of their institutions, further contribute to systemic change in learning and teaching through the ongoing sharing and dissemination of knowledge.

Awards for Programs that Enhance Learning (Program Awards)

Awards for Programs that Enhance Learning (Program Awards) recognise learning and teaching support programs and services that make an innovative and outstanding contribution to student learning outcomes and the quality of the student experience. Up to 12 Program Awards, valued at $25,000 each, are awarded to programs and services that have set high standards for ongoing quality in learning and teaching activities in Australian higher education institutions.

Timeline and application forms for 2017 AAUT Program Awards Nomination

(Please note: signatures are not required for sections J and K on the nomination form; approval from the Vice-Chancellor and the Institutional Contact Officer will be sort in the final stages of the submission process by the CLIPP office.)


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