Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

What is a project?

A project is a temporary endeavour undertaken to create a unique product, service or result with a defined start and end date and a predetermined level of risk. The project end is reached when the objectives have been achieved or when the project is terminated because its objectives will not or cannot be met, or when the need for the project no longer exists. Projects can also have social, economic and environmental impacts which far outlast the projects themselves

A project is defined as a set 'body of work' with a defined start and end date, with a pre determined level of risk. The risk can be associated with human, government, financial/commercial, environmental, political, legal or business continuity factors. A project will be undertaken when the level of risk is considered 'medium' or above, at an institutional level via Audit and Risk Committee and as defined in the Risk Management Policy.

What is project management framework?

The project management framework is based on the universal principles of the PMBOK® guide and PRINCE-II® methodology, in conjunction with the University's policy, procedures and guidelines. This framework for project management is based on the generic process flows of initiating, planning, executing, controlling and monitoring and closing (IPECC).

What is a project manager's responsibility?

The person responsible for the day to day management of the project objectives, tasks, progress and project team.

Where do I find templates?

They can be located from within the project home web page or by contacting the Manager, SCIP.

What is a business case?

A business case is based on an operational or strategic need that has been identified from within a business unit. A business case should detail and justify the baseline information about the project such as background, purpose, benefits, objectives and funding sources of the proposed project.

What is a project charter?

The main purpose of the project charter is to formally acknowledge that a project has approval to begin. It is the authoritative document acknowledging the project's executive sponsor and the business sponsor sign-off to initiate the project and the project manager's acceptance to commence.

Who is the project executive sponsor?

The person given overall responsibility for ensuring that a project meets its objectives and delivers the projected benefits. They are considered the champion of the project and will have ongoing accountability for the outcome of the project.

How do I start a project?

A project proposal is the initial formal document of the project. It specifies high level requirements of the project including background, purpose, benefits, objectives, scope, assumptions, constraints and costs of the project, from which an executive decision will be made to authorise the project.

What is the project steering committee?

A group of high-level stakeholders who are responsible for providing guidance on overall strategic direction and endorsing recommendations from the project manager.