Contractor Induction

Under the OHS legislation and University procedures contractors are required to be inducted before any work can commence at a FedUni site.

Contractors are given a site induction in person by Facilities Services staff however, many requirements apply across all campuses and work sites and are best included in an online induction software application that can be completed by the contractor before they come to the campus to commence work.

Currently the online inductions used are produced by RHS in PowerPoint and then converted to Flash files using iSpring before uploading to the RHS web page. The contractor is required to watch and listen to the presentation and respond to a number of questions included.  Unfortunately, this method of induction could render the university non-compliant to the OHS legislation as there is no record generated or proof that a contractor has completed it. Rather, it relies on the word of the contractor and places responsibility onto Facilities Services staff to make enquiries and manually keep records. The electronic control of information would reduce risk by eliminating human error.