The Vice-Chancellor and Chief Operating Officer are the authorised officers designated by the University Council to sign contracts on behalf of the University. The University's Delegations - Contract, Financial, Staffing and Tender Policy outlines additional signing delegations.In most instances, for administrative purposes, the Legal Office will facilitate signing by the Chief Operating Officer. Under no circumstances should staff seek the signature of the Vice-Chancellor or Chief Operating Officer directly.

For audit and legal reasons, agreements in writing containing an insurance or indemnity clause should never be pre-approved without consultation with the Legal Office.

Contracting party

Individual academic or administrative units of the University, such as schools, sections and centres, do not have independent legal existence. The contracting party is always "Federation University Australia (ABN 51 818 692 256)".

Please contact the Legal Office for assistance if you are unsure whether the other contracting party is a legal entity and therefore able to legally contract with the University.