Requesting legal services

Where are we?

Our staff are based on Level 1 of Building A at the Mt Helen Campus.

How do I request legal services?

  • Instructions should be addressed to the Legal Office by means of a completed and signed Request for Legal Services form (RFLS Form in interactive PDF version attached for ease of completion). Addressing the matters contained in this Form will help ensure that your request for legal services is dealt with properly and with a minimum turnaround time. Please note, that a Request for Legal Services form must be signed by the Executive Dean or Director. In some cases approval from the appropriate Deputy Vice-Chancellor may be required.
  • Research contracts must be approved by Research Services and the Request for Legal Services form must be signed by the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research) or Director, Research Services.
  • Where a Partner Agreement (private provider) is proposed (whether international or local), the Request for Legal Services form must be signed by the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Engagement) and the Pro-Vice Chancellor (International & Partnerships). A Proposed Partner Agreement (docx, 1.4mb) form must also be completed and approval from the International and Partners Committee obtained. Staff in the Legal Office are happy to answer routine email queries. A Request for Legal Services form is not required for this.

How do we prioritise matters?

Our general approach is to deal with matters in order of their submission or according to our assessment of their urgency. For example, a matter may be given a higher priority if action is needed to meet directions made by a court or a time limit under State or Commonwealth legislation. Priority is also given to requests from the Vice-Chancellor's Office.

How long will it take?

Depending on the length and complexity of a contract or the legal matter, staff should normally allow approximately one to three weeks for the Legal Office's approval process or drafting process (where the University is preparing the contract).

Is the document legally binding?

A legally binding agreement will not always take the form of a standard agreement or contract, but could be in a letter form for example. If staff are in doubt as to whether a particular document has the potential to bind the University legally, they should check with the Legal Office prior to proceeding.

Are further approvals required?

Further approvals may be required depending on the nature of the request as specified in the Requesting Legal Services Framework.