About us

The Legal Office provides legal advice and services to management and staff of all campuses of the University. Our role is to ensure that the management and staff of the University are sufficiently well advised and informed of legal requirements so as to maximise the quality of decision making within the University.

The staff in the Legal Office have a wide variety of expertise and can assist in all areas of law and at all levels of a project. We suggest that where you are project-managing a project that may have legal implications for the University, that you request the assistance of the Legal Office in the early stages of your project.

It is a requirement that all University legal work must come to the Legal Office. See Requesting Legal Services for more information about how to contact us.

What we do

We provide advice and assistance on a variety of University-related matters, including:

  • Contracts - drafting and negotiating contracts and facilitating the process for the signing and registration of all University contracts (including consultancies, training agreements, student placements, funding arrangements, international provider contracts, hire contracts, leases, supplier agreements, subcontracting arrangements, etc).
  • General legal advice and assistance - advising in relation to all areas of law including waivers and indemnities, intellectual property, conveyancing and general property matters, commercial and corporate law and sustainability and environmental law.
  • University legislation - interpreting and drafting University legislation (statutes and regulations).
  • Dispute resolution - providing assistance in dispute resolution and responsibility for the conduct of litigation on behalf of the University.
  • Compliance - advising the University as to specific compliance and State and Commonwealth legislative requirements including privacy, freedom of information and trade practices.
  • Tenders - providing advice and assistance in tender submissions.

We also

  • provide advice on issues of administrative law arising in relation to the University's exclusion, discipline and grievance processes or from teaching activities such as practical placements.
  • review all subpoenas for production of University records etc. Such documents should be referred to the Legal Office as soon as they are received.

We do not

  • provide personal legal advice to University staff or students. For such matters we suggest you contact a private solicitor or your local community legal centre.
  • provide employment agreements or advice on employee relations matters. We suggest you contact Human Resources.
  • provide advice on copyright matters. These should be referred to the Copyright Office.