Academic Program Steering Committee

Two university committees carry out the twin functions of program approval and strategic program planning for the University

The Terms of Reference for the Academic Program Steering Committee include:

  • Business approval of new programs prior to submission to the academic approval process
  • Create and maintain a plan of programs that’s in alignment with workforce planning
  • Manage the business analysis of Higher Education program offerings with particular focus on proposed new programs and programs for review
  • Implement a process of continual improvement in program offerings based on the creation of a framework to capture proposals and conduct business and market analysis
  • Review and implement new business and academic approval processes
  • Oversee the implementation of new programs
  • Ensure the most efficient use of school and project resources including the mobilisation and demobilisation of resources as required to implement Steering Committee recommendations
  • Oversee the programs deliverables in terms of University policies for business and academic approval, procurement and project methodology
  • Ensure best practice in terms of change management and communication
  • Ensure adequate cost control systems are in place

As part of its deliberations, Deans may be invited to present new programs in person to the committee

Membership Academic Program Steering Committee

Position Name
Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic) - Chair Professor Andy Smith
General Manager (Academic) Mr Andrew Evans
Director, Human ResourcesMs Deborah Walker
Director, Finance Mr Richard Harris
Director, Marketing Ms Liz Quinn
Associate Director, Financial Planning and Business AnalyticsMr Prakash Subramanian


Executive Officer – Academic Program Steering Committee
Helen Ryan
Phone: (03) 5327 9404